Panorama - Jackson Memorial Hall
Nighttime in Memorial Gardens 
Winterscene - Full Moon over VMI Barracks 

The Parapet
Stonewall Jackson and his Battery - VMI Barracks
Founder's Day Weekend 2013

Fall Colors at the Institute
Parent's Weekend 2012

Stonewall Jackson and Rockbridge Artillery

Founder's Day Parade
11 November, 2012

Stonewall Jackson Statue at Sunset
July 2012

Virginia Mourning Her Dead
sculpted by Moses Ezekiel

VMI Parade - Company H

VMI Barracks and 105mm Howitzer
Founder's Day - 11 Nov 2012

VMI looking through arch at Jackson Memorial Hall

VMI Barracks at Sunrise (HDR)
Founder's Day Weekend - 11 Nov 2012

Third Barracks - July 2012

Stonewall Jackson at Sunset - July 2012

VMI Color Guard and House Mountain
Parent's Weekend 2012

Washington Statue
Fall 2012

Silent Sentinels - VMI at night
November 2012

VMI Parade - September 2012
Winter Sunrise over VMI Barracks

"Old School" - VMI Barracks from JM Hall

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  1. Nice collection. I like the irony of the "old school" photo - '99 grad